Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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TB Unit

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The main calling of IHVN ACTION program is to provide treatment care and support for People Living with HIV (PLHIV).  This includes opportunistic infections management, most prominent of which is the Tuberculosis infection.  Tuberculosis is the leading cause of death among PLHIV in Sub Saharan Africa; (Nigeria inclusive) and one of the most common opportunistic infections. In line with the goal of PEPFAR of treatment care and support for 10 million PLWHA including management of opportunistic infections IHVN ACTION now ACTION PLUS-Up  Project has been in the forefront of bringing these ideal closer to the intended beneficiaries, through its numerous activities.  The ACTION program provides screening of PLHIV for TB and offers medical intervention to co-infected patients.


OUR TASK: As part of the support for the National TB program and fulfilling the PEPFAR mandates of integrating HIV prevention, treatment and care including support for TB care and treatment, ACTION PLUS-Up program has been active in the TB control through interventions such as:

  • Routine screening for TB

  • HIV counseling and testing for clients at TB facilities

  • Diagnosis and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS with active TB

  • Ensuring that cross-referrals are made for TB patients to provide adequate care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, including antiretroviral treatment and cotrimoxazole

  • Capacity development of Nigerian Health workers on TB/HIV collaboration


STRATEGIES: In an attempt to fulfill the set goals, we are carrying out capacity development through training; involving central TOT and regional step down training, and use of peer educators at sites. We also mentor on good clinical practice based on evidence and best practices.



1.      HIV+ patients screened for TB……………………..                  157,628 

2.      PLWHA treated for TB……………………………..                     3,226

3.      Patients given TB preventive therapy (IPT)………....            590

4.      Number of TB suspects  screened for HIV………….             30,362

5.      TB patients offered  HCT …………………………..                  12,862

6.      TB/HIV co infected patients…………………………                  3,349

7.      Sites practicing TB/HIV collaboration ………………              160



As part of an effort toward providing optimal care and support for PLWHA, the ACTION program now ACTION PLUS-Up  Project had convened two TB conferences in NTBLCP Training school Zaria and UBTH in Benin.  It featured presentation by prominent figures in TB world and Nigeria.  Notably was the presentations of Dr Susan Dorman on the future of TB management globally and the future direction of TB lab diagnostics.  As part of IHVN support for the Nigerian Ministry of Health we have provided technical support for the Draft writing for Human Resource Development Strategic Plan of the TB program in Nigeria; the draft of the Proposal for Round 8 Global Funds For TB, AIDS and  Malaria (GFTAM). Furthermore, IHVN supports the National TB prevalence survey and MDR TB survey, while it is planning to facilitate the management of MDR TB cases based on the national guidelines.


IHVN has also acquired mobile X-ray machines what will go a long way in easing the difficulties faced by clients in TB screening and proving a window of opportunity for piloting mobile and community-based TB screening especially in rural settings.

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