Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Overview | Community Medicine Department

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Community Medicine Department

Unit Head
Dr. Anthony Okwuosah



The goals guiding the establishment of department of community medicine are to:

  • Strengthen community-based program implementation
  • Enhance integration between facility and community-based interventions
  • Provide linkages within departments and communities
  • Provide evidence for public health evaluations
  • Provide mobile services at primary health care facilities and hard to reach communities

Our vision is to link prevention, treatment and care services to the community by strengthening the integration of facility and community-based treatment and care, task shifting of services at all levels of care, coordination of adherence, enhancing community-based TB linkage, including HCT, PMTCT and paediatric/vulnerable children access to care and treatment.



The department has three (3) divisions, which are:

  • Care & Support
    - Clinical/Facility Care & Support
    - Community Support/Home Based Care Services
  • Prevention/Network/Mobile Operations
    - HIV Testing & Counseling
    - Abstinence & Be Faithful (AB) Services
    - Condom & Other Prevention (COP) services
    - Injection Safety/ Universal Precaution Services
  • Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health
    - PMTCT/ Infant Feeding Services
    - EID Services - Paediatric care & Support Services
    - Vulnerable Children Services


The services provided by the Department of Community Medicine include adult care & support, biomedical prevention, health system strengthening, vulnerable Children services and other gender related services, Paediatric Care & Support, PMTCT, Prevention Counselling & Testing, and Sexual Prevention (AB& Other). Care and support services are provided in 360 health facilities in Nigeria.

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