Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Health Systems Strengthening

Unit Head
Dr. Aaron Anyebe Onah



This department created one and half years ago is saddled with the responsibility of strengthening the six building blocks of the Government of Nigeria (GoN)Health Systems. These six building blocks of health systems given by World Health Organization are leadership and governance, health financing, health workforce, essential medicines and supplies, health information system and health service delivery.

The department has engaged GON health structures at national, state and local government levels and supported them in the management of HIV/AIDS control programs by entrenching best practices in planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring strategies.

It is made up of four units namely; Health Systems Strengthening (HSS), Applied Health and Quality (AHQ), Applied Management (AM), New Initiatives and Technologies (NIT). The Health System Strengthening unit engages the GoN at national, state and LGA levels using the tripartite strategy of education, coordination and metrics (measurements/assessments) in line with the Lead Implementing Partner Concept of PEPFAR in Nigeria.

This concept aims at ensuring that the HIV/AIDS coordinating mechanisms are functional, sustainable and managed by competent health workforce. The Applied Health Quality unit undertakes the inculcation of continuous quality improvement culture at all levels through continuous orientation, monitoring, supervision and initiation of Small Test of Change (STOC) at IHVN offices, laboratories and sites (health facilities). The unit also coordinates the NigeriaQual exercise, a bi-annual quality of HIV care evaluation conducted in eligible facilities across the country.

The NIT unit introduces implements, maintains and monitors global new initiatives and technologies in HIV/AIDS control. They deploy the Electronic Medical Record System (Open MRS) and e-mobile supportive supervision tool at IHVN supported sites to improve and strengthen data management as well as real-time patient monitoring, thereby improving quality of care.

The Applied Management unit oversees IHVN sub-partners/recipients, facilitating their work according to the terms of engagement programmatically and financially, ensuring that their performances meet set targets.


The achievement of the department in the last one and half years is laudable. For example;

  1. States now sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IHVN for activities carried out at the state level to strengthen the state coordinating structures such as State Management Team (SMT) and State Implementation Team (SIT).

  2. Joint annual work plans for HIV in the states, institutionalization of supportive supervision of sites

  3. Conduct of 2013 NigeriaQual exercise

  4. Formation and orientation of CQI teams at sites

  5. Deployment of OpenMRS at health facilities, development and planning to deploy e-mobile supportive supervision tool and monitoring of sub-partners, resulting in their substantially improved performances.

Unit contact email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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