Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Patient-Level Factors affecting Acceptabilty and Adherence to Drugs in Option B/B+ PMTCT Regimens

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In an era where lifelong ART for HIV+ women (Option B+) is being considered and| implemented for many countries, one key question is the acceptability of long-term HIV drugs for women who may or may not qualify for drugs for their own health. IHVN is conducting this study with support from the Fogarty AIDS International Training and Research Program.


  • To determine, from the patient (user) and provider perspective patient-level, factors contributing to Option B/B+ HAART acceptability and adherence for Nigerian women with HIV:
    - Pre- enrollment and during receipt of PMTCT services;
    - Pre- and post-delivery of the exposed infant.
  • To identify, from the client and provider perspective, determinants of retention and lost-to-follow-up along the PMTCT cascade.
  • To determine whether peer support in the form of Mentor Mothers would be acceptable to PMTCT users and providers, with regard to PMTCT service uptake, adherence, and retention.


Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) are conducted among PMTCT users in FCT and in Nasarawa. These women answer questions about their knowledge, attitudes and experiences regarding:

  • PMTCT and HIV prevention
  • HIV drug effectiveness
  • Mentor Mothers
  • Disclosure and stigma
  • Factors contributing to their actual and theoretical behavior regarding treatment adherence pre, during, and post-delivery in option B/B+ regimen circumstances.

Key Informant Interviews are also conducted among PMTCT providers: doctors, nurses, adherence counselors, and pharmacists working in the same FCT and Nasarawa communities as PMTCT users interviewed. These healthcare workers are asked about their views on factors that impact PMTCT patients' adherence to treatment, the healthcare system and its effectiveness in providing PMTCT, as well as provide suggestions on how to improve PMTCT service delivery in their communities.


Coupled with emerging data in Option B/B+ (comparative efficacy, convenience, sustainability), findings from this study will provide Nigerian providers and policy-makers with key information on whether/how best to implement Option B versus B+.

Principal Investigators/Mentors: Dr. Nadia Sam Agudu and Dr. Manhattan Charurat Fogarty Fellow/Trainee: Ms. Salome Erekaha.

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