Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Training Department

Department Head
Dr. Sunny O. Philips


The Training Department of the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria is responsible for initiating, implementing and coordinating capacity building activities of both IHVN personnel and other health care providers at various institutions in Nigeria and other African countries. It utilizes cutting edge evidence-based and cost effective methodologies to deliver capacity building activities.

These efforts are aimed at supporting improved capacity of Human Resources for Health (HRH) at both public and private health institutions. The department implements all capacity building activities of grant projects for the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria majorly through funding from PEPFAR and Global Fund grants. Other notable support for capacity building has been received from the National Institute for Health (NIH).

The above resources have resulted in capacity building of health care providers and paramedical staff across the three tiers of health care deliveries namely, tertiary, secondary and primary care since 2008. Areas of focus of capacity building include Health System Strengthening (quality improvement and assurance, health information management system, basic and operational research, leadership and management), disease management and control (HIV/AIDS, malaria, cancers, and TB including Drug resistant TB).

The Department currently manages five state-of-the-art Regional Training Centers at locations across the country namely Abuja, Ile-Ife, Jos, Kano and Lagos. These facilities are supported with high quality I.T infrastructures that allow for real time live streaming of presentations to and from any location around the globe. High level laboratory training units have also been established at centers in Abuja, Benin, Jos and Zaria which have continued to support the capacity of Medical Laboratory personnel in both basic and specialized areas.

IHVN's training department is also involved in internal training of staff to improve skills, build internal capacity and encourage career progression for the effectiveness of the organization and the quality of services we provide.

As of September 2017, 36,469 health care workers have been trained in multi-disciplinary biomedical, behavioral and social science research capacity for the prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS and HIV-related conditions for those adults and children and other areas.The Institute also implements Training Program in Nigeria for Non-Communicable Diseases Research (TRAPING grant) which has sponsored doctoral level training for fellows at various institutions in the UK and US. The department also actively engages the Federal Ministry of Health, its departments and agencies on issues relating to the country's Human Resources Health policy, strategy and implementation modalities.

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The Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria AITRP Training Programmes are supported and funded by the Fogarty International Center.

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