Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Mission and Goals

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Our Mission

"To be a Center of Excellence in providing health service implementation, capacity building, and research, and ensuring equitable access to individuals and communities through innovative and evidence-based strategies."



"Leader in providing quality health services, capacity building and research in West Africa."


Core Values

"Integrity. Team Work. Innovation. Transparency. Accountability. Excellence. Respect for the dignity of the person"


Goals of IHVN

IHVN has set itself some long-term organizational goals that include:

  • To establish an organizational structure that empowers multidisciplinary teams at all levels of IHVN from site staff to working groups with shared responsibility for achieving goals related to mitigating HIV/AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases

  • To establish quality medical program based on best evidence through integrating TB, adherence, pharmacy and intersection with community medicine

  • To employ ongoing analysis of reliable clinical data to guide program implementation

  • To establish linkage to community by strengthening integration of facilities-based and community-based treatment and care

  • To coordinate adherence, linkage of HCT to care, linkage of PMTCT to care and treatment and pediatric access

  • To establish quality data to guide program and training for capacity building by developing high standards of data collection and quality

  • To use information to guide training quality

  • To establish integrated research program to engage highest standard for program implementation and faculty development by developing collaborative structure to nurture university affiliates in their capacity to conduct high quality research with the highest ethical standards

  • To employ highest standards for data management and supportive data analysis

  • To establish lasting impact based on fundamental change through the development of linkages with government, academia and key leadership to have IHVN be a leader in changing Nigeria's capacity for high quality clinical care related to HIV/AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases

  • To work with academia to institute certification and specialty programs that train the next generation of health care providers in treatment and care and research related to HIV/AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases

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:: Support and Funding

 The Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria AITRP Training     Programmes are supported and funded by the Fogarty International Center.

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