Sunday, September 22, 2019
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IHVN organizes first health fair

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To promote the well-being of its staff, Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) has organized its first ever health fair at its office headquarters in Abuja.

The fair with theme, “Take charge of your health” offered tests for malaria, hepatitis B and C, blood sugar, cholesterol, PCV amongst others. More than 300 staff and of the Institute and surrounding offices also benefitted from measurement of vital body signs, counseling on mental health and training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation. management of fire outbreaks.

IHVN Director Prevention, Care and Treatment, Dr. Ernest Ekong, said that the fair was organized to prompt staff to routinely have medical checkups instead of waiting for emergencies. “Know yourself and if you don’t feel fine, go and check. What we want to achieve is a culture of checking oneself through medical tests,” he said.

imagesOn the management of emergencies like fire outbreaks, Superintendent of Fire from the Federal Fire Service, Babadoko Garba, urged for practice of preventive measures, “Avoid leaving fire unattended to, turn off electrical appliances and keep your environment free of unnecessary luggage. Install fire extinguishers and fire alarms. When there is fire, move to safe place. As you are moving, lock your doors to prevent spread of fire and seek for help,” he said.

Prior to the health fair, staff were taught how to respond to common emergencies like burns, electrocution, seizures, shocks, breathing difficulties, fainting and stroke.

IHVN Senior Program Manager, Dr. Oluokun Young who advised on first aid treatment for emergencies said that, “Do not apply lotions of any kind on a burn or break blisters. Cover the area with dry sterile dressing if possible, bandage firmly except when blisters are present and move the person to the hospital as quickly as possible.”

For heart attacks, Dr. Oluokun said that treatment within the first 90 minutes of a heart attack dramatically increases the chances of survival. “Seat the patient in a comfortable position. If breathing isn’t normal or the patient is unresponsive, hands-on CPR may be applied, to double the chances of survival,” he said.

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