Friday, October 18, 2019
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Clinical Diagnostics Unit – Field Operations

Unit Head
Timzing Miri-Dashe


Field Operation is a key component of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Services of the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria. The unit was created in 2005 as a result of program expansion and scale-up, to ensure effective, efficient and quality service delivery at site level. The unit coordinates the provision of quality laboratory support for the diagnosis and management of people living with HIV/AIDS. The Unit Head, at the centre, works with the Regional and State Laboratory Program Officers to carry out these activities.

In pursuance of the goals of providing quality and reliable lab results, the unit is also involved in identifying and assessing the suitability of facilities to provide the needed supports for patient management. This means that a laboratory facility must meet some minimal requirements such as adequate and appropriate personnel with appropriate qualifications, adequate work space with appropriate equipment, water supply and efficient source of power to operate. In our experience, most laboratories do not meet such requirements for activation hence the unit, in conjunction with management, has always bridged the gaps by structural upgrade and equipment and reagent supplies to facilities to meet required standards.

Prior to activation of facilities, the unit also ensures that the capacity of personnel are built through various trainings such as GLP & Safety, HIV Rapid test and National algorithm, quality management system training, equipment operators training etc. These trainings are usually done centrally or facility based by competent staff of the unit in conjunction with the Training Unit.

The unit is also in the forefront of regular laboratory commodity supplies to all supported sites. This is achieved in conjunction with the Laboratory Commodity Liaison Unit, in a manner that services to patients are not interrupted. As part of supervision and mentoring, staff of the unit monitor inventory of reagents and consumables to minimize wastages and stock outs. To achieve this, each facility sends in report of utilization bi-monthly. Restocking is then done either at the central ware house or at the regional ware houses.

The unit functions in over 120 IHVN supported laboratories with a tiered network of over 600 facilities.

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