Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Laboratory Commodity Supply Chain Management Unit

Unit Head
Abdullahi A.


The Laboratory Commodity Supply Chain Management Unit ensures efficient and cost-effective clinical laboratory operations through provision of uninterrupted supplies of equipment, reagents and consumables. The inability of any clinical laboratory to perform a test because of lack of reagents or supplies is costly, disruptive, wasteful, and might extend hospital visits, or interfere with quality of patient care.

This unit is primarily responsible for identifying needed products and forecasting the quantities required. Consequently, along with the IHVN Supply Chain Management Department for procurement (both Local and International), this unit also liaises with General and Health Logistics International Limited (GHLI-L), the IHVN sub-partner responsible for warehousing and management of IHVN commodities. This is to ensure that requests, processing and issuing of items to sites,tracking expiry and analysis of utilization reports of laboratory commodities at various sites are done for adequate supplies.

Under the supervision of the Director Clinical Laboratory Services, the Laboratory Commodity Supply Chain Manager coordinates the activities of the unity ensuring regular supply and availability of laboratory reagents, consumables and items in all IHVN supported sites through:

  • The establishment of an effective communication link with IHVN Supply Chain Management Department and GHLI on forecasting, procurement, usage/consumption of laboratory commodities.
  • Establishing an effective communication link with GHLI central warehouse Manager, Regional Logistics Officers and Regional/State Laboratory Officers
  • Liaising with GHLI to collate and analyse bi-monthly lab commodity requisitions/utilization reports from sites.
  • Collating and generating requests for procurement of laboratory commodities (Local & International)
  • Tracking of laboratory reagents/consumables at various IHVN supported sites in order to prevent stock outs, overstocking, and expiry of supplies.
  • Approving laboratory commodities to be issued from central/regional warehouses to facilities.
  • Participating in IHVN monthly Supply Chain Management meetings and GON procurement/supply chain Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings.
  • Liaising with GON/USG PEPFAR and Global Fund Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) for tracking Last Mile Distribution (LMD) of HIV Rapid Test Kits (RTKs) to sites and national quantification for lab reagents.

Unit contact email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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