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Laboratory Equipment Maintenance Unit



The Unit is responsible for proper equipment selection, installation, training, calibration, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and record keeping. IHVN has supported the installation, repair and maintenance of equipment in a number of laboratories in Nigeria for both clinical care and research for HIV and TB infected persons. Each laboratory equipment requires proper maintenance to enable it consistently produce reliable results necessary for optimal patient care. The unit commenced operation in 2005 with technical support from the University of Maryland, USA.


  • Site assessment and installation of appropriate equipment is done.
  • Recommendation to management on the appropriate equipment for use in diagnosis and research.
  • Training of operators on the use, care and maintenance of the lab equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance and repair services on all lab equipment.
  • Monitoring the lab equipment for optimum performance.
  • Maintenance of records for all laboratory equipment such as installation, warranty, preventive maintenance, fault record/repair and training.
  • Certification and calibration of laboratory equipment.
  • Liaison with other maintenance service providers on behalf of IHVN.


  • The unit worked closely with Germfree INC USA, to install and maintain a world class modular Biosafety level 3 TB laboratory for TB culture in Zaria, Nigeria.
  • Installation of Biosafety level 2 laboratory at Zaria for TB work and training.
  • Installation, training, certification, maintenance and repair services for major equipment: V350 automated dry chemistry analyzer, DT60 chemistry analyzer, Cyflow Counter1, Cyflow Counter 2, Cyflow SL 3, FACS-Calibur, FACS-Count, Sysmex KX 21 N, Reflotron Plus chemistry analyzer, Biosafety cabinet class II, Centrifuges, Pipettes, ice making machines, Bactec MGIT 960, ultra-low temperature freezers, autoclaves, water distillers, water de-ionizers, Teaching light microscopes, Fluorescence microscopes, iLED microscopes, dead air box, Biolis 24I chemistry analyzer, etc.
  • Continuous maintenance and repair service on all equipment in IHVN supported facilities.
  • Supervision for all equipment at all IHVN supported sites in all program areas such as ART, Molecular Diagnostics, Clinical chemistry, Microbiology, Tuberculosis, research including cancer research, Malaria, Haematology, Training laboratories etc.
  • Servicing of the HVAC unit of the BSL3 laboratory.
  • The unit produced the only NSF certified Biosafety Cabinet Certifier in West Africa.
  • With funding from ASLM, the unit Certified BioSafety Cabinets in Gambia.

Unit contact email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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