Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Unit Head
Samaila C. Shawulu
B.Tech; M.Tech; Arch. PGCpm; ANIA


This Unit exists primarily to act as a support unit to provide maintenance service delivery at all IHVN facilities. The Key focus/responsibilities of the Maintenance Unitare to design, install, repair, update, upgrade and maintain all architectural, mechanical/Electrical and electronic infrastructures within IHVN.

In maintaining electrical infrastructures, the unit evaluates, designs, recommends and plans modifications and upgrades in line with the expansion needs of the organization according to acceptable standards and codes. It also designs electrical/mechanical support services for biomedical and biotechnological infrastructure (BSL2/BSL3) and supervises the electrical operational activities of the building services electricians. Routine checks of all IHVN electrical fittings for necessary repairs and replacements are also carried out.

The Unit is also responsible for all mechanical/electrical, plumbing activities and distribution of diesel (AGO) to all our locations. These include recommending for purchase and obtaining of quality equipment, liaising with suppliers. It also carries out routine checks and maintains equipment, gives technical support to operators and liaises with contractors for optimal performance.

Preventive maintenance is a key function of the unit. We ensure timely planning and conduct assessment when technical issues arise. Other functions include;

  • Monitoring initiatives on expansion of sites and proposing designs with safe and sound mechanical, electrical, electronic and sundry circuits and maps.
  • Ensuring optimum surveillance and zero time fault control in maintenance and refurbishment of circuitries, installations, equipment, devices and mechanical support systems within all IHVN centers.
  • Providing and ensuring safe power structure and utility for everyday use by IHVN staff/professionals.
  • Screening and monitoring of contract terms and methodology to ensure only the best methods are admissible.
  • Eliminating waste, time delay and nuisance with regards to use of gadgets, equipment, and all electrical, mechanical utility/consumables by effecting regular upgrading and updating exercise.
  • Maximizing the available and limited resources to achieve zero down time of the electrical/mechanical and electronic equipment such as generating sets, air-conditioners, Inverters/UPSs etc.

Unit contact email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SOP: Policies And Procedures For Maintenance

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