Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Learning and Development Department

Department Head
Dr. Sunny O. Philips


The Learning and Development Department of the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria is responsible for initiating, implementing and coordinating capacity building, Continuous Quality Improvement and Health Systems Strengthening activities of IHVN. It utilizes cutting edge evidence-based and cost effective methodologies.

Capacity building efforts are aimed at supporting improved capacity of Human Resources for Health (HRH) at both public and private health institutions. The department implements training activities of all grant projects for the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria majorly through funding from PEPFAR and Global Fund grants. Other notable support for capacity building has been received from the National Institute for Health (NIH).

As of March 2019, 40,492 health care workers have been trained in multi-disciplinary biomedical, behavioral and social science research capacity for the prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS and HIV-related conditions for those adults and children and other areas. The Institute also implements Training Program in Nigeria for Non-Communicable Diseases Research (TRAPING grant) which has sponsored doctoral level training for fellows at various institutions in the UK and US. The department also actively engages the Federal Ministry of Health, its departments and agencies on issues relating to the country's Human Resources Health policy, strategy and implementation modalities.

The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Unit coordinates IHVN’s Quality Management Program to ensure routine implementation of Quality Improvement (QI) activities across its supported facilities. This aims to progressively improve and sustain the quality of care provided to HIV/AIDS clients through appropriate performance measurements and continuous quality improvement.

The CQI Unit also supports related quality assurance and improvement activities at facilities and state levels. It ensures that important performance measurement exercises are carried out. These exercises include, the biannual Federal Ministry of Health led HIV Quality of Care Rounds (NigerQual), which evaluates a total of 21 clinical and 16 non-clinical indicators and PEPFAR’s Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems (SIMS) which evaluates core essential elements. Results from these exercises then inform quality improvement initiatives through the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycles to test and scale up innovative change ideas.

Implementation of Quality Improvement activities is anchored on a robust multi-disciplinary quality management infrastructure at various levels to ensure that quality of care is maintained at IHVN supported facilities. These include site-based Continuous Quality improvement committee, State and Central IHVN-based Quality Improvement teams and State Implementing teams.

The Health Systems Strengthening Unit of the department relies on the six building blocks of HSS as defined by WHO using the three prong approaches towards promotion of an efficient health care system in support of communicable and non-communicable diseases of public health importance at facilities, local government and states supported by IHVN. It deploys strategic engagement models to promote stakeholder ownership and enhance capacity of relevant actors within the health system for improved coordination, resource mobilization and for sustainable intervention. A key activity in this line is implementation of the Human Resource for Health Information system at Nasarawa state and the Federal Capital Territory for improved policy formation by health care managers.

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