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Research Activities

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HIV/AIDS and Cancer Research

IHVN conducts research that is intended to enhance the capacity of Nigeria to effectively mitigate HIV/AIDS and Cancer, particularly AIDS Associated Cancers that affect the PLWA who we provide treatment, care and support for.

Clinical Trials

The Research Department recently set up a Clinical Trials Unit and a Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Office staffed by individuals with post-graduate degrees in these areas. The unit collaborates with at least 13 Teaching Hospitals and Research Institutes in Nigeria, the University of Maryland School of Medicine Greenebaum Cancer Center, Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore and the AIDS Malignancy Consortium to carry out Clinical Trials of the highest Scientific and Ethical Standards in Nigeria.

Nutrition Studies

The Department also carries out research activities in Diet and Nutrition in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Services provided and other activities carried out by the Research Department

  1. Cancer Registration
    IHVN in collaboration with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has organized trainings in cancer registration and epidemiology for 21 institutions in Nigeria in April and December 2009 and in February 2011. Our goal is to set up population-based cancer registries in different cities in Nigeria and strengthen existing registries through a network set up in 2009, the Nigerian National System of Cancer Registries. (NSCR) So far cancer registries in 20 Federal Health Institutions in Nigeria are part of this network. The NSCR in collaboration with the African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN) will be hosting cancer registries from West Africa to a cancer registration course in Abuja Nigeria in November 2012.


    Nigerian National System of cancer registries January 2017 (NSCR)
    Nigerian National System of cancer registries August 2014 (NSCR)
    Nigerian National System of cancer registries February 2014 (NSCR)
    Nigerian National System of cancer registries January 2013 (NSCR)
    Nigerian National System of cancer registries May 2013 (NSCR)
    Nigerian National System of cancer registries November 2013 (NSCR)
    Nigerian National System of cancer registries September 2012 (NSCR)
  2. Cervical Cancer Screening Program
    This program is a program to establish routine cervical cancer screening and HPV virus detection for HIV positive women initially but will subsequently be expanded to encompass HIV negative women as well. This program will use digital cervicography and is primarily a Nurse-led program. This cervical cancer screening program will also serve as a foundation for research in the field.
  3. Biobank and Repository at IHVN
    IHVN has set up a biobank and repository and a reference research laboratory at our head office in Abuja. Standard operating procedures detailing how the biobank will run and how researchers from all over the country can access it are currently being drawn up. We hope that researchers nationwide will be able to take advantage of the resources once modality of interaction is fully developed.

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