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Children form a core of the HIV prevention care and treatment services we provide. These services include,

  • Early Infant Diagnostic testing for HIV exposed babies
  • HIV testing for children at facility-based child welfare points
  • ARV treatment and care for children living with HIV. Cumulatively (from 2004 till date),  62,919 children have been provided with HIV treatment services.
  • Health and nutritional support:

We initiated and produced, a cereal based supplement made from maize, soya beans and groundnuts. It is simple to prepare and meets immediate nutritional needs of malnourished people living with HIV, including children. ACTION Meal for children has carbohydrate, protein, fat, crude fiber, sodium, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

Parents are also given guidance on appropriate feeding required for healthy and strong babies through health care providers trained by the Institute.

  • Economic strengthening activities for households of orphans and vulnerable children:

We strengthen the resilience of households of orphans and vulnerable children to access finances and invest in the education, nutrition and health of the children. Supporting vulnerable households is not just a strategy to prevent new HIV infections, it also keeps children healthy, stable, safe and schooled.

Caregivers are given non-refundable Household Economic Strengthening (HES) grants to equip themselves with a skill and utilize these skills to provide for their households. We also work with community-based organizations to provide financial and business management training with guidance on savings etc. for caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children.

One of the projects IHVN has implemented is a water quality intervention. The Safe Water System intervention provided people living with HIV with a product called Safe Guard to disinfect water. People living with HIV were also given a safe storage container with narrow mouth and lid to store water fit for drinking.

http://www.ihvnigeria.org/pediatric-art/, http://www.ihvnigeria.org/orphans-and-vulnerable-children/

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