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Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women


Pregnant Women: Preventing HIV transmission from mother to child

Our goal is to ensure that every woman living with HIV has a HIV free child.

Through our program, 121, 466 women living with HIV have received support from pregnancy to delivery of HIV free babies, and care for their young ones.

The services we provide are;

  • HIV counseling and testing
  • Partner counseling
  • ARV prophylaxis for mother and child
  • Nutritional support services: we initiated and produced ACTION Meal, a nutritional food supplement made from maize, soya beans and groundnut, all readily available food items in Nigeria. It is a light brown powder and is prescribed to address nutritional deficiencies of people living with HIV. The proportion of maize, soya beans and groundnut per 100g of ACTION Meal is 60g, 30g and 10g respectively
  • Peer support through a mentor mother program to assist women living with HIV through the journey of seeking treatment and care when pregnant, during delivery and in caring for their babies.

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