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Kano mothers, children receive basic nutrition services at their doorsteps

Figure Above: Community Volunteer, Halima Abdulraman walking into a home to provide nutrition services in Fagge Local Government Area.

“Some women do not understand that colostrum is good for their babies. They prefer to give newly born babies goat milk. Many don’t know how to position their babies while breastfeeding. These gaps affect the health of babies,” says community health worker, Maimuna Baba.

Community Centers Reach Key Populations with HIV Services

Figure Above: A health care provider, Mr Solomon discusses with Mary in her community in Abuja.

According to the 2018 Nigeria HIV/AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey (NAIIS), the prevalence of HIV among female sex workers is between 13 to 15% according to. Female sex workers are considered key populations in addressing HIV globally because of their exposure to high risk sexual behaviors. Other key populations are men who have sex with men, transgender people and people who inject drugs.

I thought my ill health was due to witchcraft – Rofiat

Figure Above: (Left to Right) Mallam Akinsanya Taimiyu, his daughter, Rofiat; Medical Director, Mobiar Clinic, Dr Aremu Morufu and IHVN Linkage Coordinator, Mrs Ajibola Ahmed. 

The journey from Lagos to Ibadan was like a journey of a thousand miles for Rofiat Adedokun, a 21 year old hair dresser. Rofiat was weak and she coughed persistently. Her eyes were weary from lack of sleep and her chest also felt heavy.