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Category Archives: Success Story

I thought my ill health was due to witchcraft – Rofiat

Figure Above: (Left to Right) Mallam Akinsanya Taimiyu, his daughter, Rofiat; Medical Director, Mobiar Clinic, Dr Aremu Morufu and IHVN Linkage Coordinator, Mrs Ajibola Ahmed. 

The journey from Lagos to Ibadan was like a journey of a thousand miles for Rofiat Adedokun, a 21 year old hair dresser. Rofiat was weak and she coughed persistently. Her eyes were weary from lack of sleep and her chest also felt heavy.

How I survived Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis – Fasilat

There were all sorts of rumors making the rounds when Olowookere Fasilat was brought back home in 2013 to Okeho, Oyo State very ill from her school in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta. Many thought that she would die because she was so weak, skinny, coughing and sweating often. Some said that she had HIV, others attributed the sickness to witchcraft and still others said she was being used for ritual purposes.